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Consolidation of the European Centre for Nanostructured Polymers ECNP-GROWTH

The main objective of the CSA ECNP-GROWTH is to ensure the extended participation of relevant  industrial partners into the activities of ECNP (European Centre for Nanostructured Polymers) and its partners providing and achieving the financial viability for the lasting consolidation of the ECNP. Partial objectives include the analysis of industrial needs in terms of innovation, research, training, access to infrastructure and services and the specific preparation of ECNP and its partners to respond to the industrial needs identified and to establish  road Maps that will provide the financial viability required for the ECNP consolidation.

European Centre for Nanostructured Polymers represents the access point to a wide network of excellent organisations active in polymer nanotechnology, scientific state of the art, advanced polymer-based technologies and related services.

It offers multidisciplinary research service for industry:

- scientific expertise and consultations with the specialists from leading polymer research centers in Europe

- advanced experimental techniques with full analysis of the data.